As a fitness proponent, The Team at ThinPill is always researching new ways to get fit in the simplicity of your home.  We came across the walking lunge on, and this simple exercise will surely strengthen your hamstrings, gluteals, and quadriceps.

The Walking Lunge is a variation of the Lunge. This exercise enables you to strengthen your muscles more. When doing the Walking Lunge, make sure to keep your back straight, your torso upright, and your abdominals tight. Don’t lean forward. Let your knee pass forward your big toe in the middle position.

STEP 1: Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keep your arms straight and hold your dumbbells at your sides.

STEP 2: Move your right foot forward, bending both knees and with the left knee pointing towards the floor. Keep your upper body straight.

STEP 3: Slightly straighten your legs and do another Lunge. Step forward using your left foot and bend both knees. Keep your arms and dumbbells at your sides until you finish the exercise.

Whether you prefer working with Free Weights, Weights on Gym Machines or just with your own body weight, the important thing to do is to start realistically and keep at it – at all costs.

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