As an advocate of a Healthy Lifestyle, we are always looking for easy ways to take your fitness to the next level.  The Front Plank is an easy exercise that can be done anywhere, and needs no equipment.  Listed below are the muscles being worked out, as well as the proper steps to utilize this exercise.

The Front Plank targets the Abs and Back, where the Primary Muscles worked out are the:

  • Erector Spinae
  • Rectus Abdominus (Abs)
  • Transverse Abdominus

The Secondary Muscles (The Synergists and Stabilizers) worked out are the:

  • Trapezius
  • Rhomboids
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Anterior and Medial Deltoids
  • Posterior Deltoids
  • Pectorals (Pecs)
  • Serratus Anterior
  • Gluteus Maximus (Glutes)
  • Quadriceps (Quads)
  • Gastrocnemius

Step 1

Starting Position: Lie on your stomach on an exercise mat or floor with your elbows close to your sides and directly under your shoulders, palms down and fingers facing forward. Engage your abdominal/core muscles. It should feel like you are tightening a corset around your ribs, waist and lower torso. Contract your thigh muscles to straighten your legs strongly and flex your ankles, (tucking your toes towards your shins).

Step 2

Upward Phase: Slowly lift your torso and thighs off the floor or mat. Keep your torso and legs rigid. Do not allow any sagging in your ribcage or low back. Avoid hiking your hips into the air or bending the knees. Keep the shoulders away from the ears (no shrugging). The shoulders should be directly over your elbows with your palms facing down through the entire exercise. Continue to breathe, keeping the abdominals strong while holding this position. Try holding this position for 5 seconds or more.

Step 3

Downward Phase: Keep the torso and legs stiff as you slowly and gently lower your body back towards the mat or floor.

If you experience any pain in the low back with this movement, stop the exercise immediately and consult with your doctor.

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Excercise and information provided by ACE (American Council on Exercise) on