Four easy workout tips that will get you a free workout. All you have to do is open your door!

It’s summer! No need to squat in a dank gym anymore. Build muscle, burn fat, and get killer abs by adding a few of these outdoor activities to your routine. These easy workout tips will let you enjoy the summer weather while getting into shape, and getting a free workout.

Many parks have bars you can use to do chinups and dips. Increase your options with a suspension training device, such as the Jungle Gym (available at Attach the adjustable straps to any bar or even a sturdy tree limb to do dozens of exercises.

After warming up, sprint one block at about 75% of full speed. Then walk a block. Repeat for two to three miles. The following week, try to up your distance.

Find a hill (about 100 yards is ideal). Sprint to the top and then walk down. Repeat six to 10 times.

The Power Wheel, a patented ab wheel, is the most effective core-training tool, say California State University researchers. Attach it to your feet, get into pushup position, and start walking on your hands. When you can make it 100 yards, you will have ripped abs.

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