It is difficult to find the time for breakfast, especially one with the proper nutritional benefits.  In an effort to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals, it is necessary to incorporate this meal regularly into your diet.

Fact 1 – Starting your day of with a meal will help keep your metabolism going and help you lose weight.

Fact 2 – Eating fiber rich, 100% wholegrain cereals supports weight loss and reduces risks of heart disease. Cereal is always a favorite breakfast choice, but with all the sugar added, high sodium, artificial flavoring, and lack of nutritional substance, it has become hard to figure out which cereals are healthful. As a consumer, you should pay special attention to the nutrition labels. Most notably the levels of fat, saturates, sugar and salt. Try to meet as many of the recommendations as possible to help shed your unwanted pounds.

Nutritional Must Do’s for Breakfast Cereal:
• 100% whole Grain if possible.
• Saturates – 1.5g/100g or less
• Fat – 3g/100g or less
• Fiber – At least 5 grams of dietary fiber/serving
• Sugar – 8 grams of sugar/serving or less
• Calories – 200/serving or less
• Sodium – 200 mg/serving or less

Cereal rules to help keep your first meal of the day in check!
• Pair your cereal with skim or reduced fat milk.
• Cut up a banana or add in some berries to add some more nutritional substance. Fruit naturally sweetens up your cereal without adding sugars.
• Wholegrain cereals – always try to look for wholegrain oats as they contain significant amounts of fiber which fills up your belly and keep your digestive track moving.
• Top your cereal with low fat yogurt. It’s a great way to keep it interesting and tasty!

Partner healthy eating tips such as this with physical activity and get on the right track to conquer your fitness goals.

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Best of luck!