There seems to be some sort of correlation between being in a relationship and your weight. Have you ever noticed that, not you of course, but perhaps a “friend” always appears to gain weight when she or he…don’t want to exclude the gentleman from this…are in a relationship?

Let’s break it down first. When you’re single, physical attraction plays a major role when you are a fish in the great big sea. When you go out you always want to look your best.

Also, when you’re single you suddenly have all this free time to do what YOU want. If you want to go to the gym, you have time. If you want to go to the beach for a quick tan, you have time. If you want to cook a delicious meal at home, you have time.

When you’re single you have the motivation and desire to want to look good. You have a reason to strut your stuff…you’re on the prowl or hunt, gentleman.

But once you’ve found that someone or that someone right now and the months go by, possibly years, and the new relationship excitement fizzles out you suddenly lose that motivation to always be a ten. You become comfortable with the one you’re with. No need to put on the makeup or do the strenuous abdominal workout for that six pack. You’ve already impressed that significant other; they’re yours.

Just because you have love doesn’t mean your health can take a backseat. A few pounds are okay but according to a study married women gain more weight than singles, divorcees and widowers. As the scale tips your pre-love figure tends to disappear by expanding.

You don’t have to lose that sexy body just because you found someone and are happy. The great thing about being with someone is that they can help motivate you and push you to start or continue living a healthy lifestyle. You two are a team.

Instead of going out all the time to eat like you did when you first started dating try cooking together at home. Make a weekly menu. Healthy home cooking doesn’t have to be stressful. And there’s nothing hotter than your significant other in the kitchen. Make it a fun event for each other. One can make the salad while the other makes the entrée and then switch it up on other nights. Trust me, if you can get along in the kitchen, you’re relationship can withstand any obstacle.

Another change you two can make is instead of always opting for movie date night go on a fitness date. Try planning a canoe trip or go hiking on a nature trail. Something as simple as a run together can be quality time spent together and great exercise. When each of you are willing to work together it becomes the most effective way to lose weight. Try going to the gym together before or after work or even on a Saturday for a change.

Being in a relationship and having that companion is a wonderful thing. It can be a wonderful tool in so many aspects. You have a lover, a best friend and you have someone to hold you responsible when it comes to your health. If you don’t take care of yourself while you’re in the relationship your health may not allow you to stay in it.

So, try different things with your partner. Picnics with healthy planned meals, dates that involve physical activity and most of all remember accountability.

Yes, you want to look good for your significant other but more than anything you want to look and feel good for yourself. Beauty and love come from within before you can give it.