Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow predicting an early spring however the weather forecasters aren’t exactly agreeing with the famous groundhog.

As winter storms continue to slam the northern part of the country, many individuals our being forced to hibernate indoors imposing on their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and exercise.

If you are one of the many stuck indoors don’t let the slush hold you back from reaching your weight loss goal. Exercising outdoors or even in a gym is ideal and nice but isn’t exactly necessary. You can still be active while confined to your house. Most indoor exercises don’t even require any of those fancy expensive exercise machines or equipment and can be just as effective.

So, get out of your pajamas and get moving.

If you have stairs in your house utilize them, even if they do just lead to the basement. Walking up and down a flight of stairs will help tone your legs and glutes, plus depending on how quickly you take the flight you can get some low impact aerobic exercise in.

Remember your childhood by doing a few jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are a great warm up exercise as well as easy cardio, which gets your heart rate up. Jumping jacks also help build your obliques and shoulders giving yourself some upper body definition.

To really get your heart rate up, jog in place. It may seem silly but it gets the job done and helps your heart. You can jog while watching television or while listening to music. Just make sure to wear proper shoes as to not add stress to your feet or legs.

We are all trying to build our abs to get ready for when the snow is melted away and the sun is out and the beaches are open for pleasure. The easiest and best way to build and strengthen your abdominal muscles are to do simple crunches. Don’t hold you head in your hands. By doing that you are actually sort of cheating and not getting the greatest impact. You want to make sure you go up enough so you feel your abdominal muscles stretching. Try extending your legs out in the air for an even bigger challenge.

If you want to get ready to put that sexy dress on once the weather turns, try working your legs by doing squats. If you need a prop for stability grab a chair from the kitchen table. When doing squats keep your shoulders level and back straight.

Go military style and do straight push-ups. We all hate them but they truly work your chest and triceps. If you can’t do regular push-ups don’t beat yourself up. Use your knees for support and push up.

For some real fun and a great workout, dance. Dancing will help your body and overall health and mood. Put your favorite CD in, turn up the music and dance like no one is watching. Dancing is a great way to burn calories with hardly any work.

Weather no longer has to be an issue or an excuse when it comes to exercise and weight loss. There may be a blizzard going on outside but you can still stick to your exercise regimen and burn those calories. If you are stuck in doors all day you are more inclined to be glued to the television with junk food and a blanket. Instead get up and get moving. Follow these exercises and as the snow melts away so will the pounds and body fat.